Homemade Italian Espresso

I guess I don’t really need to say “homemade” at the beginning of every post, do I? It’s quite clear that everything I post on this blog is made in our home. But, something about that word really makes me feel…at home…and happy.

My dad is an avid espresso drinker. He thinks it’s a great way to pick up after lunchtime. Most Italians would agree. I think espresso can be drunk any time of the day, except after 4pm if I want to get to bed at a decent hour.

For all of you who love coffee, I would highly reccommend investing in an Italian Stovetop Espresso Maker. The coffee is rich, and delicately fresh.

For me, there is something really romantic about a hand-me-down kitchen item. So much love and passion goes into our work in the kitchen, and what a great way to really feel that love than to be gifted a beautiful Italian stovetop espresso maker.

Interested? Here a few good options (if you don’t have a romantic hand-me-down)





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