Summer Cherry Lemonade

(recipe adapted from martha stewart magazine 2011)

How many of you stole lemons from your parents’ fridge and a jug from under the sink and sold lemonade on the street for 5 cents as a kid? This was one of my favourite things to do growing up in my hometown Toronto on those unbearably humid summer days. While the lemonade wasn’t amazing, the memories I made were. Playing with my friends, and spending the extra quarter my piano teacher gave me for a glass of lemonade made those summer days fly by.

These days, instead of making lemonade to sell, I make lemonade to have in my fridge in case an old friend stops by to chat. This weekend, I made…

Cherry Lemonade. (makes 1 big family style jug)

Start with a couple of handfuls of slightly over-ripe cherries. Cut them off their pit and remove stems.

Bring a splash of water and a pinch of sugar to a boil, and add the cherries. Boil down until syrupy.

Meanwhile, juice one lemon and pour into serving jug.

Let cherry syrup cool and then add it to the lemon juice, stirring. Top off the mixture with club soda and a little bit of sugar, if necessary.

Refrigerate for a couple of hours, and then remove cherries from bottom of jug and you are left with perfectly-pink cherry lemonade.

PS – serve with a splash of vodka for those too-hot summer afternoons under the sun…only if you’re not driving!



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