Home Sweet Home (Away From Home)

Toronto is one of the most exciting foodie places. You can find ANYTHING in Toronto. From Hungarian Goulash to cheap slices of pizza, Toronto is a city of foodie opportunity. Today, I will chronicle one of my favourite restaurants on Ossington…

Pizzera Libretto (www.pizzerialibretto.com)

If you haven’t been here, you must try it. And, if you are on a budget, GO AT LUNCH! There is a $15 prix fixe menu and it is amazing value. And, sidenote: it is the only authorized Neopolitan pizza in Canada! That means that they coook their pizzas authentically and the dough will transform you to the heart of Naples.

We had:

Fresh Ontario Mozzarella with Fresh Ontario Heirloom Tomatoes – to die for

Ontario Prosciutto with Spring Peas and Ricotta Spread – great take on the classic Bruschetta – will try this at home but with Goat Cheese

(I somehow managed to forget to take a picture of the pizza – it was THAT GOOD!)

Espresso to wake up after all the cheese and dough

To top it off, Gelato in a cute drinking glass – how awesome!

That’s all for now!



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