Restaurant Review: Vij’s Rangoli

One of the perks of living on South Granville is the proximity to amazing restaurants, art galleries, and shopping. Vij’s Rangoli (seated beside one of the most revered restaurants in the city, Vij’s) is a mix between a prepared food market and a casual modern Indian dining experience. We went last night and had a fantastic meal, as per usual.

Vij’s Rangoli

My favourite wine, the 8th Generation Rose, is only available in restaurants, one of them being Vij’s and Vij’s Rangoli. I always order a glass or half-litre right when I sit down. It is the perfect mix between sweet and refreshing – perfect for Indian.

Next, we shared an amazing plate of vegetable pakoras. Dipped in both sauces, these little guys are a kick to your palate.

Now, for the main event. The beef shortribs. We never stray from this consistently tasty menu item.

If you haven’t been, you definitely should go! If you’re lucky, you’ll see Vikram himself one night!



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