Friday Inspiration

If you live in Canada, you are really looking forward to having a three-day weekend filled with close family, indulgent food, and cozy fireplaces. What am I referring to? Thanksgiving, of course. One of my favourite holidays. Here are a couple of pictures to get you through today and on to a beautiful and thankful weekend…

Remember: take a minute on Sunday or Monday to tell everyone who you are thankful for that you cherish them…

Set kitchen from It’s Complicated

Holidays decorations from House and Home bring nature inside!

Contrary to popular belief, not all white meat should be consumed with white wine. For this Thanksgiving, try a nice Pinot Noir with your turkey…

How amazing would these bowls be for serving soup?? Sighh..maybe next year!

Can’t even think about looking at another pumpking? Ditch them and create a gorgeous fall-coloured center piece a la

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving my fellow Canucks!

Love to you and your loved ones.



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