Restaurant Review: Campagnolo

You may be noticing a theme within my restaurant reviews and style of cooking: I love Italian food. I love the simplicity of working with delicious, top quality ingredients without the fancy unnecessary extra work. Italians have it right: long lunches with wine and bread and pasta, followed by an espresso, followed by a long dinner with wine and bread and pasta. While I definitely do not do that on a daily basis, is there anything more luxurious than a simple meal, drawn out by a delicious glass of nero d’avola (my favourite red varietal)?

In comes Campagnolo ( one of my favourite simple Italian restaurants.

We always start with Crispy Ceci. See link to my recipe here:

Crispy chickpeas (hot) tossed with crunchy arugula and crisp spinach, dressed with a light lemon, olive oil, mint, parsley and red pepper flake dressing.

We decided to try something new this week: mini pork meatballs with homemade tomato sauce and toast. Amazing flavours and really soft.

Next, we stuck with our classic Pork Ragu Tagliattelle and Margherita Pizza. Delicious as always.

Bubly cheese and soft dough. Perfection.

Look no further for an amazing Friday date night. It won’t disappoint.



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