Whistler Cornucopia: White Wines

Post #2 of my wonderful weekend away: whites and bubbly. Drinking bubbly (namely, prosecco) is one of my favourite things to do on a special occasion, or even to start a romantic dinner out. Here are a list of my favourite whites/bubblies from the weekend.

I absolutely love Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand, so it was no surprise that this crisp, floral, citrus-y whites was one of the most refreshing and delicious of the night. Unfortunately, I cannot find it in the BC Liquor online database but if you see this wine, snatch it up ASAP!

Ah, Oyster Bay. Do you ever disappoint? Great bubbly, simple, fresh flavours. Perfect for a special occasion, a light meal, or a pre-dinner glass. At $24.99, it stands out to me.

This wine, along with it’s owners, was one of my favourite parts of the night. This white was like nothing I have ever tasted. It would pair perfectly with salad, fish, or even just a sunny afternoon. I highly reccomend you check them out. As you know, eating and drinking locally are things I like to try and do as much as possible. You won’t have an excuse after you’ve tried this white! (www.mistakenidentityvineyards.com ) – $19.90

Next time you’re buying wine, try something new! I promise you these three wines won’t dissapoint.



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