A Celebration

Last week was an exciting, busy, incredible week filled with family, friends, wine and food. Not only did I graduate from UBC, but I celebrated my 22nd birthday. I was surrounded by loved ones who cheered for me on the convocation stage, and who toasted my 22 years of life and I really couldn’t feel more loved. 

This special week culminated in a wonderful party complete with Prosecco, beef tenderloin sliders made by one of my catering partners, Devon, and new friends mingling.

Here are a couple shots from the great night.

Two essentials: white candles and bright green and pink small bouquets.

Orchids around the stems of the Prosecco we served as guests arrived. This idea turned out to be better than the execution – there were orchids all over the floor midway through the night! Clear tape will be needed next time.

An essential for any party: a stocked charcuterie plate.

A moment of calm before the guests arrived.

Special out of town guests

The generous hosts

My dream birthday cake made by a good friend, Britt (thetravelingpans@gmail.com

Wishing you birthdays and celebrations as special as this!



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