Cento Notti

Yesterday, as I was making myself a fresh salad at home for lunch, I had a little mishap with the knife and managed to give myself a decent (yet extremely small) cooking cut. My plans for a night of hot yoga and smoothies were exchanged for a warm dinner at one of my new favourites, Opus Hotel’s Cento Notti. You’ll see what I mean when I say that the room, food, and staff couldn’t have been more inviting and friendly.

warm decor
the ceiling – sparkles get me everytime
course 1 – caesar salad was fresh, delicious, and had the best bacon EVER
classic bread basket with a twist: fried papardelle noodles…fried pasta? SIGN ME UP
my dinner: eggplant parmigiana with cheese melted to perfection

mom’s dinner: spaghetti bolognese which was simply devine

The meal was incredible from start to finish. Our server was interested, interesting and so engaging. Chef Paul, the executive chef, came out and chatted with us about the kitchen. Everything, including the bacon, is made in house. The noodles are fresh and then air dried which gives the final product a perfect consistency of al dente while maintaining that fresh flavour. We will be back ASAP, and next time for brunch! Their menu was exactly what I look for: a little bit of everything, something for everyone, and simply Italian!

This would be an amazing place for a date, family outing, or even New Year’s Eve dinner! Not to mention that Cento Notti turns into one of Vancouver’s “it” clubs after 10PM.


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