Decisions, Decisions

Did you know that I love Italian? If you know me, you know that I believe there is pretty much nothing better than a simple bowl of pasta with refreshing ingredients. Your favourite might be a penne with a homemade meat sauce, or a spaghettini tossed in the most fresh, simple ingredients. Whatever your preference, you know the feeling that you get when you cook and sit down to a delicious, steaming hot bowl topped with some fresh grated parmaggiano reggiano.

When one of my readers (who also happens to be my aunt) e-mailed me yesterday with an idea for my Lemon Rosemary Chicken atop a simple, delicious, whole wheat spaghetti noodle, I began thinking about the different pasta options out there for us.

The truth is, while pasta is such a staple, it should also be treated as a luxury, due to its high sugar and carbohydtrate content. Going along with our healthy January, I decided to highlight some other options in order to offset your intake of the amazing food! If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment section!

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whole wheat pasta

Yes, it’s true. Whole wheat pasta does not taste the same. But whole grains are much better for you because they have added nutritional fiber and protein. A great way to integrate whole wheat pasta into your diet is by mixing half whole wheat with half regular pasta (make sure they are the same type of noodle) and gradually keep adding more and more whole wheat until it is second nature. Reccommended brands are DeBoles, and American Beauty.          

spelt pasta

Spelt is supposed to be the most similar in taste and texture to regular pasta. This is a great option for vegetarians because a serving of this type of pasta has the same amount of protein as an ounce of meat. It has a slightly nutty flavour and is best served with strong sauces. I bet it would be great alla bolgnese! Reccomended brand: Vita Spelt.      

brown rice pasta

Besides being gluten-free, this pasta has much more fiber than regular pasta. It is available in most grocery stores, and is great to add in with your soups (think Minestrone) or with large, chunky sauces. Reccommended brand: Lundberg.              

If you’re like me, it’s hard to switch over to the “healthier” options when it comes to pasta. However, if you’re like me, you also want to eat pasta all the time. While I don’t reccommend doing that, a great idea would be to stick to one of the healthier options during the week, or at home, and to splurge on the regular type while you are out for dinner or on a special occassion. This way,  you can eat pasta guilt-free while maintaing your figure and getting a great nutritional meal!

For some great recipes that can be used with any type of pasta, see

Pasta Alla Amatriciana
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