Superbowl Eats

This weekend marks a big weekend for sports fans all over America. Surprinsingly, it’s actually a huge weekend for foodies too! Yes, I’m talking about the Superbowl! Below are some amazing recipes that I think you should try out for your or your friend’s Superbowl Party this weekend! Beware: there are vegetables on this list. Always include veggies!!

classic superbowl fare
if only I had a deep fryer…
to cut back on the grease, add cream!
pop a bit of mozzarella and a small cherry tomato on a skewer and make caprese pops!

I want this…right…now
always an easy solution

 Now for dessert!

adds a girly dimension to a manly day
anything with fresh lemon is fine by me!
at under 100 cals/serving, how can you go wrong?

Have a fantastic time planning your Superbowl Soiree!

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