Wine Wednesday

I’ve decided to start a little series called Wine Wednesday where I profile new wines I like, old favourites, and anything that might relate to upcoming holidays (hint hint, Valentine!)

Along with a homecooked meal, the perfect wine can truly make your evening spectacular. I just began reading Charlie Trotter’s Lessons in Wine Service and it is a fantastic read for anyone in the service industry, or any avid oenophile wine-o wine-drinker.

I thought I would outline some of my favourite BC Whites. I always like to promote eating and drinking locally whenever possible, so here are some of my favourite local Whites! Let me first point out that other than enjoying wine, I do not have any formal training and this post is based upon my opinion and taste.

8th Generation Pinot Meunier Rose – $19.99

I love to pair this fresh Rose with anything spicy. I discovered it at Rangoli a couple of years ago and it has been an absolutely favourite of mine!

Blue Mountain Chardonnay – $20.90

 I truly believe that each person’s distinct palette changes their tastes when it comes to wine. While I am not generally a huge fan of chardonnay, this Blue Mountain version exceeds all of my expectations. It is fresh without being too oakey and light without being too buttery (something I find common in California chardonnays). Enjoy this with poultry for a delicious pairing.

Quail’s Gate Gewurztraminer – $16.99 

This, in my mind, is a perfect wine for those berry salads you enjoy on patios in the summer. However, with it’s peach and apricot undertones, I would highly suggest serving this with a fruit-based Valentine’s day dessert as well.

That’s all for now! If you need a recommendation for a special wine for Valentine’s Day, leave a comment below and I will get back to you!

What’s most important when learning about new wines is to keep an open mind and try new things! You may not think you like red wine, but introduce small sips here and there to understand the flavour. I promise wine will open up a new world of possibilities in your home cooking and dining out experiences.

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