Kale, Bean, Chicken Soup

There is something about soup that instantly makes you feel better when you’re sick. I had heard there was a nasty cold going around, and Peter and I were unfortunate enough to catch it (and catch it bad) for two weeks! What better way to recover than lots and lots and lots of kale in a slightly spicy soup?? (Other than a beach vacation, maybe).

used red onions because we didn’t have white
doubled the kale
perfectly tender shredded chicken
beans from the garden
health in a bowl

 2 chicken breasts, cooked however you like, and shredded
1 sprig rosemay
sprinkle ground black (or white) pepper
1 cup water
1 T olive oil
1 onion
1 clove or garlic
pinch of red pepper flakes
fresh tomatoes
2 bunches of kale
1 can of your favourite beans
4 cups of chicken broth
a couple dashes of hot sauce
a couple dashes of worchestire

Sautee the onion in large pot in olive oil over medium heat until onion soft.

Prepare kale by trimming off stem and breaking into smaller pieces.

Add chicken, rosemary, pepper, red pepper flakes, tomatoes, kale, beans, and garlic to the pot for about 10 minutes to wilt.

Add the broth, water, hot sauce, worchestire, and salt to taste.


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