Sisters, Sisters…

I’ve made a rule of only posting recipes that I absolutely love on this blog – hence why I don’t post everyday. There are simply not enough days in the week to come up with excellent daily recipes…maybe one day. In the end, however, that is not what cooking is about. Cooking is about spending time creating something. Time that is not distracted by Facebook, Twitter, your favourite tv show, and text messages. Last weekend, someone really special came to visit and we spent 3 marvelous hours cooking. Unfortunately, the recipe didn’t quite make the cut, but it takes failures in the kitchen to realize what it’s all about: creating memories with people you love. Adriana, my cousin sister and I had so much fun cooking up a storm while Peter helped us by taking pictures and jumping in during stressful rolling situations (note to self: don’t attempt homemade pasta until you buy a pasta roller). While there is no recipe to accompany this post, there are a plethora of fun pictures and a reminder: it’s not always about the end product when the process is just as fun. Thank you for making my weekend unforgettable, A!

let the games begin

“here we go”

okay, “1, 2, 3”

isn’t she gorgeous!?

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