Sunny Staycation

I’ve always loved the idea of a “staycation.” Spending time in your own city, checking out things that tourists from other places of the world would be over the moon to see. Vancouver is the perfect city to do that. Right now, I have a summer bucket list (I will share that below) that highlights things I plan to do during my Vancouver Staycations. But, if you haven’t been to Steveston, Richmond, I suggest you add it to your’s for summer 2012. It is historic, quaint, and absolutely stunning.

Summer Bucket List 2012 (with help from Peter)
1) Go to the Vancouver Aquarium
2) Bike the entirety of a seawall and have a picnic where I please
3) Learn how to swing a golf club properly
4) Try some fabulous, time consuming recipes on the weekend
5) Throw a barbecue
6) Learn how to run long distances without stopping
7) Hike the Chief
8) Go to the farmer’s market every Saturday (I already do this every summer, but just a reminder)
What’s on your summer staycation list – wherever you may be?

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