NYC: Locande Verde

When we arrived in NYC after a long red eye and transfer in Toronto, I was ready for two things: an espresso, and a comforting meal. Locanda Verde had been on my radar through bloggers and the NYT, and boy was I glad we tried this gem in Tribeca. The food was simple Italian, elevated to perfection. 
rustic menu

perfect red for lunch

brussels sprouts with pancetta and parmesan

simple greens with goat cheese (housemade) and light dressing

flatbread with cauliflower and garlic (I will be attempting to make this at home)

best food item of the trip: Bucatini Alla Amatraciana

Italian lamb sausage sandwich

roast chicken – to die for

cherry almond semifredo

I couldn’t recommend this amazing restaurant more. The food was absolutely incredible. We even went back for our last dinner of the trip, and we never visit the same restaurant twice in a 4 day trip!

If you’ve been, I’d love to hear what you thought! If you haven’t, GO!

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