How To: Plan an Iron Chef Competition

My aunt is getting married this summer, and I am honoured to be apart of her wedding planning process. If you aren’t aware, I have an immense passion for wedding and planning so when I found out she was getting married, I was so excited to be apart of it! While I can’t divulge details of her wedding just yet, I can definitely share with you something that we put together for her bachelorette night!
My aunt loves healthy, fresh food. She mentioned that she wanted us to “stay in, cook together, and have a great time.” I knew immediately that we should plan an iron chef competition. So, with a great amount of teamwork, someone willing to share their home (Thanks, Sue!) and the right tools, we pulled it off!
If you are wondering about the logistics of planning one, see below the photos!
communal ingredients: butter, olive oil, vinegar, flour, onions, garlic, sugar, and herbs

before the big reveal

under the bride-to-be’s box

the main course: rack of lamb – how amazing does this look?

my amazing teammate sister and I whipped this up!

us with our final product

amazing puff pastry + strawberries + mocha whipped cream
the final feast

How To Plan an Iron Chef Competition

 1) Decide what you’d like the theme of the night to be. We went with fresh, simple ingredients that could easily be transformed into a mediterannean-style meal.
2) Divide everyone into pairs. Try to make sure that there is at least one person on the team with a passion for cooking so that people can have fun without being too stressed.
3) Give each team one course.
4) For each course, pick items that go well together. For example, I knew that lamb would go well with dijon mustard and herbs. Then, I chose something a little out of the ordinary to throw in there as the “iron chef ingredient” (the one that must be used). Dates + lamb turned out to be a killer combo!
5) Give everyone an hour to complete their dish.

Most of all, have fun with it! This is a time for bonding, having a glass of wine, and kicking back. Don’t worry about the rules, and in the end, you will enjoy a fabulous meal you have crafted together! If you’d like, I can send you more detailed notes, just leave me a comment!

Have an amazing rest of your week!

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