Eat In Tonight: Porchetta

Warning: this post is for meat-lovers ONLY!
I rarely post pics of raw meat on the blog, but I truly believe that in order to explain this recipe, the photos are needed.
Peter has been wanting to cook porchetta for the last few months. He had looked up countless recipes, scoured some of the best cookbooks, and even watched specific YouTube videos over and over. I have to say, he did a wonderful job of putting the Porchetta together for our  mother’s day dinner a few weeks ago. As long as you plan ahead, this recipe is so simple and can feed hoards of people! See below for recipe

salt rub

parsley, and lots of it!

about to wrap the pork shoulder in belly!

all wrapped and ready to go!

do you like our meat-cutting board contraption? It’s time to invest in a cutting board..

We mainly worked off of this local video, with an emphasis on the steps in this recipe , and we also consulted Mark McEwan’s new cookbook Fabrica for tips (It’s a great cookbook).
The recipe turned out really well, and we will definitely make it again. However, we did have an issue with overcrisping the skin, so I think that next time, we’ll cut it right away rather than letting it sit!
On Monday, I’ll be posting the salsa verde recipe that we put on top of the sandwiches. It was delicious
Have a romantic weekend!

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