Salsa Verde

A week ago I posted the Porchetta recipe that Peter and I made for Mother’s Day. It was absolutely delightful, but made so much better with the salsa verde that went along with it. This one is very similar to the one that they add at Meat and Bread. The Salsa Verde cuts the fat with a refreshing bite of parsley, lemon, and other delicious dried herbs. You could also use this on other types of meat (like a nice, BBQ’d steak) or even seafood, like these simple BBQ Prawns. Either way, try it out, and adjust the flavour to your liking. For the recipe we used, click here

In other news, we will be going back to Italy in two weeks! We will be arriving in Rome, going to Siena for a cooking school, and then finishing our trip in Florence. I am so excited and will be blogging about all of my experiences when I am home! Look forward to some delicious new recipes, and wines to go along with them!

Ciao for now!

ps – if you have any recommendations for wine bars in Florence, please send them my way!

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