Framework Magazine

Hi All!

Ciao from Italia 🙂

Today, there is something really exciting that I’d like to share with you. I have partnered with Framework Magazine to write a monthly wine column in this fabulous online magazine! I will be choosing three similar tasting wines, and giving you a choice at every price point!

The magazine is all about the young, working women.

Here is an excerpt from Framework Magazine’s idea of the Framework Girl

Dresses to please herself.
Dreams big and with abandon.
Willingly shares her fashion and beauty finds.
Isn’t above admitting she’s wrong.
Is never too old for slumber parties with her best gals.
Has a penchant for world travel.
Is known to stay up all night finishing a good book.
Accepts compliments with grace.
Relishes in lazy Sunday mornings.
Looks to the details to create her bigger picture.
Knows that money is no measure of style.
Surrounds herself with the people and things she adores.

Isn’t all of that too true?

So click on over to Framework Magazine and check out my column on Sauvignon Blanc! I guarantee there will be a wine you love from the three that I chose.

Speaking of white wine, I have a crisp glass of Italian Pinot Grigio calling my name.


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