Rome: Highlights

I have finally sat down and taken the time to go through our photos from Italy. There are some great photos, and even better memories. I will be posting photos throughout the next couple weeks highlighting some of my favourite restaurants, foods, wines, and places that we went to. I’d love to hear if you have been to any of the same places!

cobblestone pictures

I absolutely loved walking up and down these cobblestone streets. Around every corner, there was a new treasure to discover. One of my favourite things to do was find a place for a glass of prosecco and aperitivo and we found our favourite spot while walking around our neighbourhood!

fresh fruit on the street

Of course, one of my favourite aspects of Italy is the food. Specifically, I love the way the fruit and vegetables taste. I know this sounds crazy in a land filled with fresh pasta, but if you’ve been you can attest to the true freshness of the vegetables and fruit. They only serve “in season” produce and it truly makes all of the difference in the world!

favourite dish of the trip: grilled lamb

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much lamb in a two-week time period. The lamb in Italy is absolutely mouthwatering. It is grilled to perfection and served simply – a slice of lemon is all you need!

The Vatican

This was one of my favourite frescoes in The Vatican. While it’s not the best photograph, it was truly one of my favourite moments.

Bernini’s staircase at Palazzo Barberini

Bernini is one of Peter’s favourite Italian masters. This staircase was absolutely incredible, and I could not believe it was built centuries ago. Truly a masterpiece, and I would highly suggest visiting the less crowded Palazzo Barberini.

meandering through Monti

We took one morning to walk aimlessly through one of my favourite neighbourhoods, Monti. It is not the most popular, but that in turn makes it quite a bit less touristy. This building was a gorgeous school that was too pretty not to include.

fresh apricots

One of my favourite nights was spent at Peter’s cousins’ house just outside of Rome. There were fruit trees, honey bees, a charcoal grill, and lots of cold red frizzante vino. It was a perfect evening.

long al fresco dinner parties
farmland outside of Rome

Look out over the next few days for my favourite restaurants and spots in Rome!

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