Rome: Palazzo Barberini

Eager to avoid crowds and soak in some nature, we decided, upon reccomendation from this New York Times’ article, to check out the gardens at Palazzo Barberini. While the gardens weren’t nearly is impressive as we’d hope for, we were pleasantly surprised with the actual palace, which happened to be the Barberinis summer home. Can you imagine this as your summer home?! I wonder what their actual home was like!
in awe of the gorgeous palace

Bernini’s famous staircase

the second “less famous” staircase
the gardens

the back view

I was absolutely blown away by The Vatican, The Colosseum, The Borghese, and the Pantheon. But I really do like the idea of visiting a place that is less often trekked through. There are less tourists, more personal space, and more time to reflect upon the beauty surrounding you!

Have an amazing long weekend, Canadians!!

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