Rome: La Taverna Dei Fori Imperiali

I wanted to save my favourite place in Rome for my last Rome post. When we travel, I always like to try new restaurants, and rarely go back to the same place twice. I figure when in Rome, try new things. Well, I threw all of my rules out the window when we found La Taverna Dei Fori Imperiali, hands down my favourite restaurant in Rome if only for their amazing Caprese salad. We went there one day, having heard great things. It’s a small taverna that is locally run and has been in the family for five generations. Immediately, we were greeted with smiles, house wine, and agua frizzante, I was in heaven. After looking around and getting our bearings in the nice air conditioned room, we found pictures of some of the best and most famous actors in the world all over the walls: Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert DeNiro to name a few. After the food came, I was completely enamoured by the whole experience, and begged to go back not once, but twice!
bliss: house vino rosso

humble menu

THE caprese salad

eggplant parmigiana

view of the Colosseum on the walk home from Monti

I couldn’t pass up this photo op!

If there is one dish you must try in all of Rome, I believe it is this Caprese salad. Looking at these photos has urged me to put it on my meal plan this week!


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