Tuscany: La Porta

On our second day in Tuscany, we took a two hour walk (or trek, as our Italian guide Ettore called it) from Pienza to Montecchiello. It was extremely hot, but the incredible views were well worth it! When we arrived in Montecchiello (a small town on the top of a mountain) we walked into La Porta, a wine bar and restaurant. The menu was varied, and I was really excited to see a typical Tuscan pasta, homemade pici, on the menu. Pici, believe it or not, is actually quite a simple pasta to make at home and I will be chronicling how to make the noodle on the blog soon! The most important thing with pici is that it cannot be served al dente. All fresh pici will be served soft and with a simple sauce.
the view from the top of the hill

charming sign
bruschetta trio: artichokes, mushrooms and beans
homemade pici with duck ragout

homemade pici with spicy tomato sauce

Next time you are in Tuscany, make sure you stop by!

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