Tuscany: Wine Tasting at Cantine Innocenti

Obviously one of the best parts of visiting Tuscany is sampling the amazing red wine. We did our fair share of wine tasting, but I have to admit that Cantine Innocenti was by far the most authentic, romantic and magical experience of all of them. We entered the winery through a small door on a side street in Montefollonico. While walking through the cavernous cellars that had been there for five generations, I had no clue that on the other side of the winery, we would step outside to see the incredible view below.
the winery’s viewpoint – overlooking their own vineyards
Fabbrizio Innocenti

our cute tasting glasses
setting up for another tasting
my wine notes
vino nobile di Montelpulciano

rosso di Montelpulciano

vin santo – we took a bottle of this lovely dessert wine home

cellars of Slovenian oak

rows and rows of old bottles

While Fabbrizio spoke mostly in Italian, a few things were understood without translation. The way he described the wine making process and the flavours of the wine stood out among my favourite memories of the trip. While his wine is not available in BC, if you are planning a trip to Tuscany, I highly reccomend setting up a tasting at this old winery – you’ll learn a lot and taste some incredible wines.

2 thoughts on “Tuscany: Wine Tasting at Cantine Innocenti

  1. We went here in 2009 with DuVine Adventures. The Vin Santo is my favorite dessert wine, we treat it like liquid gold! I just loved the smell of the room where Innocenti keeps all the casks. A wonderful winemaker.

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