Tuscany: Tenuta Di Sesta

One of my favorite tastings was at Tenuta Di Sesta in Montalcino. The land was extremely beautiful, and there was actually some terra rossa, or “red earth” which gives a specific minerality taste to their wines. It is amazing seeing how different types of earth can truly effect the outcome of a wine. It’s really interesting to be guided through every step of the process and then taste the wine at the end, noting all of the specific nuances that were pointed out to you.
aging in Oak

on the property: artichoke flowers

the most beautiful trees

giant oak barrels

the whole group
the wines we tried

I find it funny that I usually tend to like the wine that is most reminiscent of a casual “table wine.” It reminds me of a book I’m reading that was recommended by Emily Walker, of Yew Restaurant at the Four Seasons, called Reading Between The Wines by Terry Thiese. He says that a wine should be good: something that you can drink and enjoy without having to think too much about it. A great wine can get in the way of simply enjoying the moment. And I plan on enjoying the last of summer with some “good” wines on our patio 🙂

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