Where to Eat Tonight: Peckinpah

Since going back to school last month, I have made a conscious effort to eat out less in order to save money. However, once in a while, we try a new place. I tried to look for somewhere that had great value, was unique, and ultimately, served great food, when a good friend was in town last weekend.
She’s an avid food lover like myself, so she appreciated the unique touch Peckinpah puts into their Carolina BBQ.
This isn’t your average tomato-based BBQ, but instead involves a slow roasting process with dry rub. It was amazing, and the value was outstanding!
I started with a bourbon mint julep, an unusual, but welcome, departure from my signature glass of wine. The refreshing drink accompanied the heavy meats perfectly. 
Bit of Pork and Beef Platter
Fried Chicken Platter

Fried Chicken with Greens, Creamed Corn, and homemade cornbread

While Peckinpah was a little more casual than I was expecting, it turned out to be a perfect place to catch up with friends and eat great food!

Have a great weekend!

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