Grilled Margherita Pizza

Grilled Margherita Pizza in the shape of Italy (unintentional) 

Grilling pizza is one of my favourite, no fuss ways of preparing dinner or an al fresco lunch.

It is extremely easy (with some practice) and absolutely delicious. Move over pizza stone, because this is the way to go! I use the same pizza dough recipe every few months and freeze individual dough balls. When I want to grill a pizza, I take one out a couple hours before and let it thaw. The key to this pizza is to roll your pizza dough as thin as possible and brush it with oil on the first side you place down on the grill.

1. Prepare pizza dough. I use this recipe and it is so far the most consistently good one I’ve found.
2. Roll out pizza dough as thin as possible. Oil one side of pizza dough.
3. Prepare ingredients. Anythings goes here, just make sure everything is prepped! I used fresh  mozzarella and store-bought tomato sauce along with freshly chopped basil (added at the end).
Note: my favourite store-bought tomato sauce (only used for pizzas and in a pinch) that I always have on hand is Christine’s Crushings in Pure Basil. It tastes homemade and I don’t have to worry about opening a jar to only use a tablespoon or so, because it stays good in the fridge for a while.
4. Heat the grill to the highest setting. When hot, place the oil-side of the pizza down.
5. Close the lid for a few moments. When one side has grill marks, flip over and quickly place toppings on the pizza. Close lid for a few moments, until cheese is melted.

I guarantee this will become your favourite way to make homemade pizza. It definitely takes a couple times to get your “technique” down right, but once you do, it’s amazing!

Pair with: prosecco or a light red wine.

I hope to highlight a few more exciting grilled pizza recipes in the coming months.

Happy Halloween!!

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