The Mighty Oak

This weekend was the perfect mixture of ultimate relaxation, family time, and getting some work done for the short week ahead. One of the highlights of my weekend (other than an amazing brunch at my mom’s place complete with mimosas) was stumbling across a new coffee shop. I absolutely love finding little places to share with others…I can’t wait to take all of my friends and family here. The coffee shop has been open for a few weeks and was started by a married couple with a passion for great coffee and baked goods. I almost squealed in excitement when I saw the finely curated selection of neighbourhood grocery essentials. I swear that this coffee shop would make me want to move to the neighbourhood! It’s sure to become a hotspot, so my advice to you is to become an early regular!

last minute grocery necessities
fresh-baked homemade goods
beautiful baguettes on display
a great selection of meat and cheese – it’s like they knew I was coming!
cute menu
light fixtures installed by the owner himself
the perfect spot for a late afternoon mocha
don’t you love it? 

nestled into the neighbourhood
a perfect espresso 
a delicious mocha

I hope you enjoy it!

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