Food Books

I love reading books about chefs, and food in general. Sometimes I want something more than a cookbook…I want a story to get enthralled in. Here are some books I loved and books I’ve been meaning to read.

What are your favourite books about food/cooking?



Top row from left to right:

Life On The Line: I’m currently reading this book. Grant was a chef at Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry, did a stage at the infamous El Bulli, and eventually went on to run his own restaurant. If you love food and great restaurant experiences, you’ll love this book.

Yes, Chef: This was a book that I read over my winter holiday. It was a page-turner and an absolute pleasure to read. Learning about Samuelsson’s life through his own words and experience made me want to go to his restaurant in Harlem ASAP (not that I need another reason to pine for NYC).

Kitchen Confidential: Probably the harshest of all three books, Bourdain tells it like it is. It’s graphic, intense, and a completely accurate portrayal of kitchen life.

Bottom row left to right (I have yet to read these):

French Kids Eat Everything, My Berlin Kitchen and The Table Comes First

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Have a great week.



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