Weekend Links

tulip wreathIn Vancouver, it always seems as though Spring is on its way in the middle of February. The forecast calls for sunshine, the cherry blossoms are in full effect, and people are out and about, excited about the weather. I call this “faux spring” because then it begins to rain again before “real spring” begins. Nonetheless, it’s one of my favourite times a year and I’m taking full advantage of it by putting the books away and meeting a friend for coffee and a walk along the oceanfront. I love this city!

Here are some links I loved from this week…

How amazing is this cake that Erin from The Sparkle posted? I need to try to recreate those “balloon candles!”

I always love The Glitter Guide’s 5 things to try this weekend, and this weekend was no exception! What are you doing this weekend?

Congratulations to Joy The Baker on her 5 year blog birthday. It’s one of my favourite reads, you should check it out.

These drinks make me want to host an Easter Brunch stat.

I love this breakfast nook inspiration.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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