Stovetop Popcorn

IMG_1495I have told people many times that I haven’t bought a popcorn machine for fear that I will become an obsessed popcorn eater. I love popcorn, but we usually only have microwave in the house because I don’t like it that much (strange concept, I realize). I wanted to find a way to eat my popcorn in a more healthy way, which is why I researched the best method of popping it on the stovetop. It’s a little bit more time consuming than a microwave, but about the same as an airpop. The results are extremely flavourful popcorn that you hardly even have to add butter to. Yesterday, I didn’t add butter and just added a pinch of sea salt and I loved the result.

Stovetop Popcorn
Makes 1 big bowl

2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup kernels
2 tbsp butter (optional)

1. Place a big pot over the element on medium heat. Add olive oil.
2. Add kernels. Cover.
3. When the corn starts popping, start shaking the pan back and forth until there is 2 seconds between each popping sound.
4. Add salt and butter (optional).


It’s the first day of spring, but it really doesn’t seem like it in Vancouver, so I might be making this and curling up on the couch tonight as I do homework.


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