The Social Media Awards

Tonight, I will be heading to The Social Media Awards in Vancouver as Sip, Savour, Share is nominated for Best Student Blog! I couldn’t be more thrilled! My family and friends (and readers!) all came together and voted me into first place, and now it’s up to the judges to decide between the top three. Whatever happens tonight, I feel so happy to have even been nominated, and to share my kitchen experiences. I love cooking. It gives me such great joy after a long day, on the weekend, and pretty much anytime. Cooking has allowed me to express myself through food and has kept me happy in the hardest times! I love sharing meals with my loved ones and hope to continue to do so for a long time. So, for today, I’m going to be grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given. Here are a few blogging milestones from the last year that have made me proud to write this blog!

My First Framework Mag Column

My First Framework Mag Column

Writing for Framework was a huge step for me as it was the first time I was writing about wine on a new forum. I knew instantly that Framework meshed with my sense of style, taste, and I just loved that it was locally produced. After meeting Bria, I was determined to write a monthly column and have continued to do so every month since! Check out all of my Framework columns here.

Italy 2012

Italy 2012

Going to Italy twice in two years was absolutely amazing, and I pinch myself just thinking that I had that opportunity. In 2012, I had the good fortune of being able to attend a cooking school with my boyfriend and his family. I fell in love with the country all over again and was determined to bring back my love for food and simple, Italian cuisine to Vancouver. I hope I have infused this in my recipes for you!

Last Day At Work

Last Day At Work

I started my MBA! While this isn’t necessarily food-related, it has definitely changed the way that I cook in terms of time frames and health. I don’t have as much time to exercise, so I try to make up for it in the kitchen with healthier meals. Here is my post on the pie that I cooked for my co-workers on my last day.

Chef Thomas Heinrich and I at the end of our incredible meal

Reviewing Mosaic

I was asked this year to be apart of blogger packages at local restaurants. I have been to two incredible restaurants, and feel lucky to have been given these opportunities.


I was given the great honour of becoming’s new wine writer. It has been a blast so far and I can’t wait to continue my #WineWednesday posts with them.

None of these things could be possible without the support of my friends, family, and readers. I am so grateful that people enjoy reading what I write about, and I hope that I have given you at least a couple of recipes that you love!

Follow me on Twitter: @sophie_collins to see what happens tonight!

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