Weekend Links


Happy Saturday! I’m lucky enough to be spending the day in Whistler by the fire. While most of my time will be spent studying and writing some final papers for the last two weeks of my spring semester, I always find that a change of scenery adds a lot of inspiration. For lunch, I’ll be whipping up a simple roast chicken, and turning it into a delicious (and guilt-free) chicken noodle soup for dinner. I love repurposing leftovers! The countdown to South America is on, and I couldn’t be more excited. Here are a couple of things that have inspired me this week.

This article’s advice on job searching: invent one.

We’ll be attending this wine tasting in Buenos Aires.

How delicious do these lemon butter sautéed chicken breasts look?

Loving this work it print by Stephanie.

Have you read the new issue of Framework Magazine? It’s completely inspirational! Make sure to check out my wine column!

While this room is a little too feminine for me, I’m loving the couch instead of chairs.

This beach in Portugal is a dream.

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