Food Photographer Obsession: Con Poulos

When doing some food photography research this week, I came across these gorgeous photos from Con Poulos. He is one of the major food photographers from Martha Stewart Magazine. I realized when looking through his website that I have pinned so many of his photos for inspiration. I love how he can shoot in a very modern, minimalist and bright way, and then on the other hand, shoot really dramatic and darks photos. He is extremely talented and these photos are inspirational to any food photographer or general photographer.

This week has been so busy. I’m leaving for South America in one week. I’m so excited to experience two different cultures: Chile and Argentina. Expect a lot of photos when I get back! I will try to make sure I don’t just take food photos, but there will definitely be lots of steak and red wines that I’ll feature. Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter for live updates!

Untitled copy Untitled 7 copy Untitled 6 copy Untitled 4 copy Untitled 5 copy Untitled 2 copy Untitled 3 copy

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