HealthFare Restaurant

A few days ago I was given the opportunity to come check out a new restaurant in BC called HealthFare. I was immediately intrigued as I had been focusing on healthy eating with an upcoming trip to South America! While they do not have a downtown location (yet!), they do have a location in Burnaby, and I have to say, this food was AH-mazing. It had me pleasantly full, and definitely wanting to come back the next morning. I tried a lot of their dishes, spoke to the owners, and really understood the backstory of the restaurant.

Their goal is healthy, simple, and delicious food. They are transparent in the menus, stating when something is gluten-free, sugar free etc…and the best part is that the calories are printed directly on the menu and are certified by a dietician. If you live or work around the HealthFare in Burnaby, I would suggest checking it out ASAP. If you live downtown, there will be a location soon and I will make sure to update you when there is!


There are lots of great drinks to accompany your meal. One great one here actually donates 1% of its profit to help Sri Lankan elephants. Really cool.


Everything is pre-portioned (but still fresh) in order to make sure the calorie count is right.IMG_1807

These cookies – “healthy cookies” were amazing. Such a great way to end your healthy meal without going off your diet.IMG_1808

Okay, so that breakfast bar on the right, and the almonds on the left, hands down my favourite items. I could eat both of those things at least once an hour (okay, maybe not) but yum.IMG_1811

Keep reading for more pics!


love Vega products, and was so happy to see their colourful selection. So easy to pick up your smoothie essentials while you’re on your lunch break!IMG_1815IMG_1820

I didn’t try this, but I definitely will next time. Passionfruit Green Tea Coconut Water? What could be better?IMG_1822

This was the first thing I tasted, and it was so delicious. Peter even got some as leftovers and he loved it as well. It’s the first time I’ve seen him eat rice without soya sauce! This was their Chicken, Peanut and Lime Stirfy and is 432 calories.

The second item I tried was their Go Green Curry, at 380 cals (crazy)! Their brown rice is so good – the slightest crunch on the outside, and the most delicious and chewy centre.IMG_1827

These almonds were unbelievable. No words can describe how delicious they were.IMG_1828

The ultimate breakfast bar! 333 calls with nuts, oats and dried fruit.IMG_1831

This veggie sandwich could be an immediate classic – it’s the Charred Med Veg and has zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers and red onion. A little goat cheese, some mixed greens, and some local bread – amazing.IMG_1834

Had to save the best for (almost) last. This is their Bakker Savory Rice Bowl. At 456 Calories, I could eat this for every meal. It is “roasted marinated chicken breast, whole-grain brown rice, fresh garden vegetables, tossed with light ranch dressing. Topped with crumbled feta and cherry tomatoes.” IMG_1836If I could, I would start every day with their Go Green smoothie. This is a mini version, but the regular size has only 275 calories and has pineapple and spinach and is like sunshine in a glass.

Next time you can, check out HealthFare at 7366 Market Crossing in Burnaby.

Thank you for the invite! I can’t wait until I’m eating there everyday on my lunch break in the coming year downtown!


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