Wine Wednesday: 8th Generation Merlot

While the beginning of the summer tends to draw me towards light whites and roses, there is something really comforting about a delicious and not-too-heavy red wine after a long day. I especially find that on those unusually cool summer night, I like to eat something heartier and pair it with a wine that isn’t ice-cold. Enter the 8th Generation Merlot.

IMG_1701 IMG_1703This wine is full of berry flavours: cherry and gooseberry being the most obvious on the tongue. With a little hint of plum, this wine is smooth, relatively light-bodied, and has a slightly sharp finish that makes your mouth water.

Since I’ve been travelling so much, I haven’t had a lot of time to cook, so I actually enjoyed this wine with my favourite Chinese take out – complete with beef and green peppers, and the result was surprisingly amazing! It shows that you can pair your favourite wines with your favourite foods, even if the pairing isn’t traiditional. I would also pair it with BBQ chicken and ribs for that backyard summer barbecue you’ve been dreaming about.

This wine retails for $22.00 and you can purchase it on their website, here.

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