Buenos Aires: Anuva Wine Tasting

When we were first planning our trip to Argentina, I was determined to make it to Mendoza, Argentina’s wine producing region. However, with limited time, we decided to stay in Buenos Aires. I was convinced that even without going all the way to Mendoza, we could enjoy the best of Argentine wines. I found Anuva Wines through extensive research, and a little help from family and friends who were constantly saving and clipping articles for my upcoming travels (thank you!). What I loved about Anuva was their approach to bringing boutique Argentine wine to the general public: all of the wines they serve are only available through direct-to-consumer at the winery, or through Anuva. I got a group of 10 people together, and we tasted some amazing wines!

IMG_5333 IMG_5334

We started the night off my favourite way (with bubbly, of course!) This bubbly was deliciously paired with a crostini with pear, cheese, basil, and a walnut. The creaminess of the cheese was perfectly offset by the dryness of the bubbles.IMG_5335 IMG_5337 IMG_5339 IMG_5343

Torrontes is the local Argentine grape. They call it the deceiving grape, because the nose is laced with huge floral aromas, and it tastes quite dry (not sweet). Either way, it’s a great wine at a great price, and can be interchanged with your favourite summer whites (think Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc).


Sorbet palet cleansers were the perfect thing to switch us from whites to big reds.

Bonarda is another local grape, so I was eager to try it! I would equate this to a fuller-bodied Pinot Noir, which is why I brought some home for some Pinot-loving family members! It’s an easy sipping wine, but still full of flavour.IMG_5350

This, in my mind, was the star of the night. You all know my love for Italy, and I couldn’t resist taking a bottle of this home for my boyfriend’s Italian family! Named after San Gimignano, one of the beautiful hilly towns of Tuscany, this wine had many remnants of Italy in its production: full, tannic, and perfect with steak!IMG_5351In my mind, there is nothing more fun, or culturally enriching, than tasting the local specialties. Sitting around with a great group of friends and learning about Argentine wine was one of the highlights of my trip.


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