Rustic Chic: Decor

When I came up with the idea for the Sunday Night Dinner series, I knew that I wanted it to look delicious, but also have a designer’s touch. So, that’s when I got in touch with my friend and interior designer Gillian (Gillian Segal Design) and we came up with the rustic chic look. Below, she tells you how to recreate it.

Sophie-rustic sundaynightdinner

As soon as Sophie told me that for our first Sunday Dinner shoot she wanted to prepare a rustic roast chicken, antlers immediately popped into my head for a starting place for décor!  Because a casual or rustic Sunday meal is supposed to be effortless, we wanted to use items that are easy to find, assemble and of course clean up.  Now, while we may not all have a spare pair of antlers lying around the house…I think they are actually a great piece to invest in.  I found ours at an amazing local store , but can easily be found at many vintage stores or on etsy.

The first thing I did (and always do for any design or décor project) was to create a moodboard.  While it isn’t always necessary for small projects, I find it really helpful to help stay focused on the exact look you want to achieve.  I like to use Photoshop, but sometimes its easiest to create a Pinterest board, or simply tear out a few magazine pictures and leave them in a pile to help drive inspiration.

For this project, we chose simple linens, recycled mason jars from home, rosemary from Sophie’s garden and paper napkins and place mats (no one wants to launder napkins for a simple family dinner, right?) and some twine to tie things all together.  This may seem pretty straightforward, but by bringing in different textures of browns (from the linen, paper mats, twine) and using candles and rosemary to invigorate senses of sight and smell we were able to create a layered look that felt complete and most importantly thoughtfully designed.

One more thing that I think made this Sunday Dinner feel special was the printed menus.  I created a custom menu with an antler monogram for Sophie, but who are we kidding would we really have time to do this every Sunday? Probably not.  However, just quickly typing out a menu on word (obviously in a cute font!) can really help to elevate any dinner or party up to the next level, and takes almost no time. *or use the one we attached for you yesterday!

Some motivation for investing in a piece of antlers (top left photo by Christie Graham Photography)…


Thanks, Gillian!

Make sure you check back tomorrow for some recipes from Sunday Night Dinner!

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