Wine Wednesday: 8th Generation Pinot Noir

As I’ve mentioned before, I love 8th Generation wine. I’ve never had a wine from them that I don’t like, and they are consistent year after a year. I first discovered them a couple of years ago ago at Rangoli. Their rosé is still my absolute favourite, and their other wines are definitely being added to my faves, starting with this Pinot Noir. It is full of flavour, yet light in body and great with food. Read below for my review of the wine and recommendations for food pairings. As I mentioned in my first Sunday Night Dinner post, I think it’d be great with roast chickenPhotos by Christie Graham Photography86O2gb6EH3WqyhhGDNep4BzuixCHE-lBAKjl6NJq1xA,kHcgBMXXB9e6GoQBrkDAxN9tI-Onmm5SN7G-qYy-aT8,8ivuMkJmAS2iVXIATCDsIisAKCsoLxIpqYUkCRScP_8 dei2ZdRBhgYxXLHDKZnpz9EQz6J6nbUcDkeZyAhXiME,aRqmgVbAY8WkIzSKD7ibErTHq42esgbIohxG1JiaN5U,V9a-qkj7ofEexY22RWwQ0H6UbxLwZ_wctyZq2hagm-I hKKIpweuQXzZ4aqKljxU_uM1t53HJaeIhv-c5pz4b2c,begzyINEG04bskZZTcawbbeXMmqIFeEhPypqav19Vms,Zie9rHBE1Lh2yLB0VTUq7IweuYLl6DcMaXfnKL9_9lQ

8th Generation Pinot Noir $24.10 (order here)

Cherry, raspberry, blueberry

Very full flavour, light on the palate, slightly tannic which adds some nice texture, cherry, earthiness, blueberries, slight cranberry and a hint spicy

Food Pairings
roast chicken, pork ribs or roast, caprese salad, tomato toast, margherita pizza

I absolutely love, love, love this wine. Even if you’re not the biggest Pinot fan (like my boyfriend), give it a try because the flavour is out of this world and can convert even the most Cabernet Sauvignon-loving types.

Happy Wine Wednesday! What are you drinking?

5 thoughts on “Wine Wednesday: 8th Generation Pinot Noir

  1. I really want to try this wine. Your pictures and style are beautiful. My sister in law and I have just started a lifestyle blog. Every Wednesday I am writing and article “If Wine were a Movie” – I would value your feedback. Please check it out –

    • Hi There! Thanks for your comment. The wine is amazing, and I would suggest any of 8th Generation wines. I love the idea for wine as a movie and I will most definitely keep updated on your blog 🙂

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