Weekend Links

Thank you all so much for tuning in this week as I recapped my first of many Sunday Night Dinners (next one coming on Sunday, August 4th). Collaborating on that shoot was such a blast, and I was so excited to share all of those simple yet delicious recipes with you. Make sure you take a peak below this post if you missed anything! I am so ready for this weekend: reading my new book (The Paris Wife), spending time outside, hanging with family and friends, and probably doing some homework (I can’t believe this time next month I’ll be done my MBA). Thank you for reading my blog every day, it means a lot! Here are some fun links to get you through the weekend.


Big congratulations to Best Friends for Frosting on their re-launch. I’m so excited that Vancouver local, Tessa, will be added to your amazing list of contributors!

Just discovered Mrs. Lilien’s blog and I’m loving her Summer Night, Patio Delight party idea!

I will definitely be making these at some point this summer.

I’m so excited for Molly’s new book.

One of my favourite past-times is pinning away on my home decor board.

I hope you have a great weekend. The blog will be back to regular programming on Monday, and there will be two incredible giveaways next week so make sure to tune in!

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