My Favourite Food Trucks: Vancouver

A few weekends ago, my family and I checked out the Vancouver Food Cart Festival. I was shocked with the amount of people that came out to try the food trucks! Almost every food truck in Vancouver was there, and we tested out a couple new ones that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. The information is below, and I suggest you check it out this Sunday! Read below for my favourite food carts in Vancouver!


This food cart, PazzaRella Pizza was a gamble as I hadn’t heard of it, but I absolutely loved it! The pizzas were $9, they were made on the truck in less than 5 minutes, and made right in front of your eyes. It was some of the best napoletana pizza I’ve had in Vancouver. IMG_2234 IMG_2236 IMG_2238

The Soho Road truck was on my list for quite a while. While the portions were small, the wrap’s flavour easily made up for it. Above is the butter chicken wrap. We also tried the chicken and lamb, and the lamb was the clear winner. IMG_2239 IMG_2240While I loved checking out the fest, in the future I’ll probably just stick to going to the carts during the week. The lines were crazy long, and we didn’t get to check out our favourite truck, Tacofino. Either way, read below for my favourite food trucks in Vancouver.

Sip Savour Share’s Favourite Vancouver Food Trucks

1. Vij’s Railway Express. I have nothing but good things to say about this food truck. I’m a huge fan of Vikram, and frequent Vij’s and Rangoli quite often. My favourites at this food truck include the cassava fries, the lamb kebab and the butter chicken schnitzel.
2. Tacofino. I just recently tried this truck out, and I’m so mad that it took me this long! You really can’t go wrong, but you must try the Tuna Ta-Taco and the Fish Tacos. Both are clear winners. I was told the Diablo cookie was amazing, but it was way too spicy for a baked good in my mind (could have been an off day!)
3. Pazzarella. Can’t wait to try more types of their delicious pizza. The spicy salami was the one we tried, and I loved it.
4. Arturo’s Mexico To Go. This is a great place for Mexican on the go. Think delicious burritos served with Mexican soda. Yum!
5. Japadog. The hot dog stand – an original food cart! What’s better than a hot dog grilled on the sidewalk?? Japadog has been around for the longest, and they are still open and thriving after all of this competition. It’s a Vancouver classic.

Here are some trucks I want to try that I’ve heard great things about:
The Juice Truck (how have I not been here?)
Kaboom Box
Mom’s Grilled Cheese
Aussie Pie Guy
Fresh Local Wild

Tell me – what is your favourite food truck?

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