Gourmet Burgers Two Ways

A long weekend (in BC, at least) calls for an easy BBQ with friends, family, and sunshine. For this month’s Sunday Night Dinner, I wanted to take the traditional burger and put an Italian spin on it with herbs and veggies from the garden. We kept our traditional burger plain, simple and delicious. You’ll find the recipe for both below the photos by Christie Graham PhotographyyYFa7CThSAptANBMAS9pOktnp_8EKytnB-heLoUcRLw,aF1rFg2yJEFqMGRDw55ZnNCW__OUF0rsQwigX-NWxQY,ygg_zC2Etlyt-rVSpdhKRrH6t4q9BAJ1SQaBss02ZrY 8_WcfJf2GzkWnoGzF-yteGAzx15fqddVUnFeDJP72t8,pkg762B1mmNMYdFJcmoigQ4sHrZz2KtjG4PGCaB-n5s,v6M-Yws07Zjn5fUZwT2PeSSO7vSRydNN99WaLEK80qg Gourmet BBQ toppings Gourmet Burgers Closeup

Gourmet Burgers, two ways
Serves 4

Easy Burger Patties 
Makes 4
1 1/2 lbs of ground chuck
salt and pepper to taste
1 1/2 tbsp of olive oil

Italian Pesto Burger Toppings
*place these toppings out for your guests to add depending on what they are feeling – they can also mix and match with traditional toppings
10 thin slices of parmesan
a handful of arugula
grain-seed mustard
1/2 cup homemade pesto (with or without sundried tomatoes)

Traditional Burger Toppings
Claussens pickles, sliced lengthwise (these are by far my favourite pickles)
cheese (melted on burger)

1) Grill your burgers over medium high heat, about 4 minutes a side if thin.
2) For traditional burgers, add cheddar cheese.
3) During the last few minutes, toast the buns.
4) Put everything out onto a platter, separating the Italian toppings from the traditional toppings, and allow your guests to craft their perfect burger!

Happy BC Day! Check back tomorrow for my favourite BBQ side dish: grilled herb corn.



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