Watermelon Prosecco Fizz

If you’ve been reading Sip Savour Share for a while, you know my love for popping some bubbly to celebrate pretty much anything. Needless to say, I’ll be drinking some bubbles next week to celebrate the official end of the academic portion of my MBA! For those who like to switch it up a little and bring something new into the mix, I created the Watermelon Prosecco Fizz cocktail. It brings together some of my favourite summer things: watermelon and mint.

*Photos by Christie Graham.

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Makes 1 large pitcher

1 small watermelon, puréed
10 mint leaves
1 bottle of Prosecco
(for virgin drinks, sub club soda for Prosecco)

1) Add watermelon and Prosecco together. Stir.
2) Add leaves to top to garnish.
3) Serve with small watermelon slices.

Delicious and (somewhat) nutritious!

Happy Wine Wednesday! Don’t forget to check out my column on Vancity Buzz.

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