Sunday Night Dinner: Easy Picnic

It’s officially the last weekend of summer (happy Labour Day!), so I wanted to give you some inspiration for throwing together an easy picnic, complete with magazines to read and stone fruit sangria to sip. For me, picnics are all about simplicity. Who wants to take hours putting together a picnic? Not me…I like to keep the recipes quick, and make sure that your time outside is maximized. For help pulling this together, I enlisted Gillian for her fabulous eye for design, and of course the amazing pictures were taken by Christie.

I wanted to maximize my use of stone fruit because it’s unfortunately in it’s tail end. While there will be some available for the next couple weeks, local fresh peaches are so special that it’s best to take advantage as much as possible. Above I made some peach hand pies that will be detailed on the blog this week!


Another way to use up all of that amazing stone-fruit? Sangria. This was by far one of my favourite cocktails of the summer, and was even more enjoyable sipping with girlfriends celebrating the end of summer. I put basically every stone-fruit in there and it turned out perfect. You must make this for your Labour Day celebrations tomorrow.

mmJU2Ic_6eWU20PYqJki9NLQLdSJYF8zVEzhfRfjvm0 _JQ7ZB8kwVT985TROVxF-zMy9Lco6s0GfdOLmLG2kQM,Q8SVu2BBhBkD5-K7yHIZDm4I6bOTAF5U1VkQq2JzzeA

This picnic basket from Williams Sonoma was the perfect size to carry all of our essentials.

For food, we went for easy make-ahead and carrying, so I made a kale salad, a swiss chard slaw, and a delicious bruschetta. Perfect for an early light Sunday dinner. 6ot-66CIVE2PRwIXCQ6xRQVsYXFUeo95oBNGkaJd50c

This is also the season for heirloom tomatoes, and I’ve been taking full advantage at the farmer’s markets. Here, I cut up every different type (making sure the sizes were similar to place on the crostini) and placed it in my new favourite kitchen addition, the Weck Jar.
6LH5zKt6UtVE4yhmr4jQaUBAgfNjHgYjJiJmio38ZUAFor the perfect Canadian touch, Gill placed everything on an HBC blanket with muted tones, which let the beautiful colour of the food stand out.

Happy Sunday! I hope the Sunday Night Dinner series helps inspire your Sunday Night Dinner traditions.


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