Beach Snapshots

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to go to Qualicum for a night to spend a relaxing weekend away at the beach. There is nothing quite as calming as listening to the the ocean, especially when you’re falling asleep. I took some photos, which don’t even capture the beauty of it all, but I thought I would share them with you nonetheless!


When we first arrived, we took a nice stroll along the beach before the tide came in. There was ocean for miles and miles, followed up by gorgeous BC mountains.IMG_2551

During the day on Saturday, we did one of my favourite things: foraged for food (well, modern foraging at least). We went to multiple bakeries, checked out the wharf for fresh seafood, and picked up essentials for the evening’s dinner. IMG_2592

Before dinner, we sat on the dock with a glass of wine and barbecued scallops, and it was breathtaking.IMG_2603

We were lucky enough to sample the salmon that was caught by our generous host. Dressing it up with a little lemon, herbs, and olive oil and grilling it on a cedar plank, the salmon was perfect.IMG_2606 IMG_2620I brought back the shell above and will be turning it into a soap dish. All you have to do is soak it in bleach for a few days in order to ensure that the ocean smell disappears and it is clean for your soap! Easy DIY!

Have an amazing weekend. I hope you are able to enjoy some late summer sunsets and great meals outside.


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