Weekend Links


I think it’s safe to say that the fall is officially upon us in Vancouver…maybe even winter actually. We’re expected to get record rainfalls this weekend, and I see no better excuse to curl up on our couch with the fire on. Perhaps we’ll be doing the same thing with a bottle of red wine tonight. I’ve been busy at work these last few weeks (who isn’t), but I’ve been inspired by the change in seasons. October, November and December are my favourite months of the year, and there is something really special about the first of November. While some people consider this the first day of the impending holiday season, I celebrate it as the first day of my birthday month (yes, month). While the rain will be falling intensely over the next couple of months, I think it’s important to realize the respite that this gives us from feeling as though we always need to be out and about. With that in mind, sit back with a cup of coffee (maybe in Starbucks’ new red cups) and read some interesting links…

We’re heading to Portland next weekend and I’m taking a cue on restaurants from two of my favourite bloggers, here and here. What are your favourite spots there?

I love Pinterest, because it’s like shopping without actually spending money. I have a round up of my birthday wishlist here (so fun!).

I’ve been thinking about curating a fall harvest photoshoot for a couple of months (I really need to get around to it next year), and I’m inspired by this.

Indigo just released their app and I’m already obsessed. Their list of the best books of 2013 is a perfect jumping off point for Christmas shopping.

I’m loving this outfit for Vancouver’s current weather patterns.

Have an amazing weekend!


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