Where To Eat Tonight: Mosaic Grille

Last night I was invited by VANEATS.ca to enjoy another incredible meal at Mosaic Grille for their fall menu roll out. As usual, I was more than impressed with the food quality, the service, and of course the innovation behind Chef’s Thomas Heinrich’s  incredible dishes. From the presentation to the taste, these dishes are all 10/10, and I absolutely love eating here.IMG_2917

The meal started out with the most delicious homemade bread with smoked sea salt. It took a lot of will power to save room for what was to come…


That smoked salmon was…beyond. The flavour was just slightly smokey, and the addition of that to the greens was perfection. IMG_2922

I’m not usually a huge crab person, but that dish changed my mind. I was digging around in each little crevice looking for more crab meat. IMG_2928

This dish is a must have. Deep-fried brussels sprouts, crispy pork belly, the “perfect” egg (deep fried) and quince jelly…need I say more?IMG_2930

These scallops were perfect. Combined with two of my favourite things, prosciutto and fig, they took me back to an incredible weekend I spent in Qualicum Beach this summer. I love when food can bring up wonderful memories of past meals shared.IMG_2932

Lamb is one of my favourite meats, and this was no exception. The walnut crusting was extremely unique, and it was cooked to sous-vide perfection.


This was my favourite dish of the night: Skuna Bay Salmon atop mushroom and truffle risotto with sautéed chard. I would say I’m going to try and recreate it at home, but there’s no way it’ll do it justice…I’ll just have to go back!IMG_2943

We were lucky enough to finish off the meal with not one, but two amazing desserts. Above: their signature chocolate cake, and below: their seasonal pumpkin creme brûlée. Both equally delicious (but go now to get the pumpkin creme brûlée – it won’t be there in a few weeks!)


Needless to say, Mosaic is ready for fall. Click here to win dinner! I can guarantee an absolutely perfect evening.

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