Wine Wednesday: Taittinger Nocturne Rosé

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 8.44.39 PM

Last week, I celebrated my birthday – on more than one occasion! It was such a great week and my friends and family really pulled out all the stops to make sure it was my best one yet. Taittinger was kind enough to send me their amazing Nocturne Rosé and I have to say that I was blown away. The bottle was nothing short of completely festive, like a pink disco ball, and the taste was so pure. This is what Champagne should taste like!

Flavours: Slightly sweet, a little raspberry tartness, some pear and apple flavours, crisp, clean finish, some citrus

Food pairings: Absolutely anything! The thing I love about Rosé (and bubbly, in general) is the way that you can pair it with virtually anything. A little more complex than a white like Sauvignon Blanc, and less intense than a red, it’s the perfect in-between wine. My friends and I enjoyed this with a gorgeous cheese plate, complete with buffalo prosciutto and truffle honey, but I could also see this pairing well with anything from a roast chicken to cupcakes at a bridal shower.

While it’s not cheap, it is the perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves great wine, and who will appreciate popping a special bottle! This wine will not disappoint.

Hope you’re all having a great #WineWednesday!


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