Weekend Links: Christmas Countdown

‘Twas the Saturday before Christmas, and all through the house…

38d3736e5715d2b521843f0c24e22e3bGuys & gals, It’s officially here!! The weekend before Christmas! Are you making your list and checking it twice? I have to say, I’m already done all of my Christmas shopping. It was more of a gradual process this year, picking up great presents here and there. I’m really happy with them and I can’t wait for my family and friends to open them. To me, there’s nothing more rewarding on Christmas than giving a gift I thought about for a long time. The anticipation is wearing me down!

I’m working a couple of days this week at home, so I’ll be nestled by the tree with a warm latte and some Christmas tunes on. On Christmas Day, I do a small breakfast at my house, and then go to a bigger family dinner later that day. It’s the perfect way to spend the holidays. I always miss my family that lives far away, but you know we’ll be Facetiming!

Here are some of my favourite links to get your prepared for the next few glorious days! (Can you tell this literally is my favourite time of the year?)

When I host Christmas one year, I’d be more than happy for it to look like the photo above.

The top Pinterest Pins of 2013. I love the photo of JFK in Mexico.

If you’re looking for any last minute hostess gifts, this Apothic red wine is a crowd pleaser and great value (on sale for $15.99).

This house in Cornwall, England, looks like the perfect place for Christmas abroad.

For some last minute cookie ideas, check out my Christmas Pinterest board. I’m going to make these brown butter caramel snickerdoodles today (YUM!)

Think Sangria is only for summertime? This recipe would beg to differ (and would be a welcome treat on Christmas Day).

I hope these next few days are really special for you and your family.


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